Komori LS1040P+Coater

Price on request

Condition: Very Good



Machine is in 100% perfect condition and can be seen in production!!!!!

Min sheet size: 360x520mm
Stock range: 0.06 ~ 0.6 mm
Maximum image area: 710x1,020mm (straight printing); 700x1,020mm (perfecting printing)
Plate size: 800x1,030mm
Blanket size: 900x1,040mm
Max speed: 12,500 sheets/hour
Feeder pile height: 1,450 mm (with 300mm plinth)
Delivery pile height: 1,450 mm (with 300mm plinth)
Dimensions (main press): 24,420x5,410x2,973mm
Weight (main press): 89,200 kg
Power requirements (main press): 174 KW (50Hz)
- Plate register remote control (circum:+/-2.0mm, lateral: +/- 3.0mm)
- Advanced cylinder cocking remote control (+/-0.3mm)
- Anti fan-out register remote control on advance cylinder (0-0.6mm)
Paper size preset:
- sucker box, side lay, feed-board brush/wheel, feeder side blower
- delivery side jogger, slow down vacuum belts
- sucker height remote control
- transfer cylinder sheet guide bars (after perfecting unit)
- delivery transfer belt.
- Anti-static air blast foot
- Board applications inc. lay hook/A cyl. gripper height adj. Mechanism
- Ultrasonic double sheet detector
- Pit-less skid loader
- Feeder pile sideways control
- Press stop by over shoot
- Feeder air switchover function (between low/high speed)
- Suction tape feeder
- Suction side guide (Air side lay device)
- Motor driven ink fountain
- Spring loaded ink roller nip follower
- Anti-ghosting roller A, B, C & D on all ink form rollers
- ink ductor timing adjusmnet
- Ink oscillating roller phase remote control
- Inker/dampener declutch
- Oscillating dampener bridge roller
- Fountain roller skewing
- Form roller speed reduction
- Fountain water level sensor
Printing Unit:
- One touch blanket clamp for barred blanket
- Air blower above impression cylinder
- Sheet guide over impression cylinder
Perfector unit:
- fully autmated douuble size 3-cylinder perfecting system.
- impression cylinder jackets after perfecting unit
- one set of spare impression cylinder jackets
- delivery with chain guide + belt guide
- Preset & stacking counter
- Auto-lubrication on delivery chain guide
- Auxliary delivery pile
- Anti sheet deviation device
- motorized sheet release cam
- Step skirt on operator side
- Sheet suide guide on PQC operation console
- Resin ink knife
- Lifting frame/lungs
- Feeder pump (included in pump cabinet)
- CE safety standard
- Delivery area sensor (CE)
- Preperation for plinth 300mm
- PQC Interface/mechanical preperations for Grafix Megatronic
- PQC Interface for Technotrans Beta C
Coating Unit:
- Inline coating system Tape V (aqueous coating) at end of press
- Circum./Lateral register & paper thickness remote control
- blanket and plate compatible clamps
- Shallow delivery swan neck with chain guide
- Shadow - less grippers in delivery
- coater tool less clamp for blanket and plates.


  • PQC-S console
  • KMS IV
  • KHS - Komori Hyper System
  • PDC-S II
  • Feeder/delivery air preset/plate register preset (KHS ver.4)
  • Full APC = (Full Automatic Plate Change)
  • Paper thickness presets
  • Automated ink roller cleaner with twin nozzles
  • Blanket washing device - automatic
  • Automatic impression cylinder washing device
  • Non-stop feeder
  • Anti Static Bars in Feeder and Delivery
  • Oscillating ink roller
  • Komorimatic continuous dampening
  • Solid transfer cylinders
  • Chromed plate cylinders
  • Chromed blanket cylinders
  • Chromed impression cylinders
  • Sheet decurler
  • Tresu chamber coater
  • Grafix powder spray


  • Condition: New
  • Year: 2008
  • Impressions: 260 Million
  • Availablility: 2020-01-31
  • Max sheet length: 1030
  • Max sheet width: 720
  • Colours: 10