Agfa Avalon LF XT Is Rebuiled to XXT

12.500 EUR

Condition: Good



S/N 003371 Avalon LF Base, 01/2007 first install

CTP maskinen is a Avalon LF XT Thermofuse, It is rebuild in to a Avalon LF XXT
It was under service agreement with Agfa Danmark
Plates run: 352.213
Regular service with Agfa
Max. Format: 1160x820 mm
No software PrintDrive ell. Platemaker with the machine.
it consist off :
1. Plate magazine (Agfa Plate manager)
2. Agfa Avalon LF XT Is Rebuild to XXT
3. Plate processor
4. Stacker


  • Max.Format: 1160x820 mm


  • Condition: New
  • Year: 2008
  • Availablility: Immediately
  • Max sheet length: 940
  • Max sheet width: 1160

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